Xiang (Shawn) Zhang
Principal Investigator
Diego Pedroza
Postdoctoral Associate
Ling Wu
Postdoctoral Associate
Liqun Yu
Postdoctoral Associate
Xiang Chen
Senior Staff Scientist
Xiaoxin Hao
Postdoctoral Associate
Yang Gao
Postdoctoral Associate
Yunfeng Ding
Postdoctoral Associate
Zhan Xu
Postdoctoral Associate
David G. Edwards
Senior Research Associate
Jun Liu
Lab Manager
Bradley Pingel
PhD Candidate
Charlotte Helena Rivas
PhD Candidate
Dane Hoffman
PhD Candidate
Emmanuel Anning
Graduate Student
Fengshuo Liu
PhD Candidate
Hilda L. Chan
PhD Candidate
Luis Becerra Dominguez
PhD Candidate
Sergio Aguirre
PhD Candidate
Siyue (Spencer) Wang
Graduate Student
Yi-Hsuan Wu
PhD Candidate
Elizabeth K. Valverde
Research Coordinator II
Name Role in the lab Where are they now?
Igor Bado Instructor Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at Icahn School of Medicine At Mount Sinai
Yichao Shen PhD Candidate
Amit Goldstein Research Technician
Ik Sun (Paul) Kim Graduate Student Professional in Pharmacology Team at LG Chem, South Korea
Hin Ching (Flora) Lo Graduate Student Senior Scientist at AbbVie Inc.
Aaron Muscarella Graduate Student Project Scientist at University of California San Diego at National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research
Swarnima Singh Graduate Student Consultant at Boston Consulting Group
Lin Tian Graduate Student Principle Investigator at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, China
Hai Wang Instructor Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Thomas Welte Staff Scientist Houston Methodist Research Institute
Xia Gao Lab Manager Columbia University
Cuijuan Yu Postdoctoral Associate California State University Monterey Bay
Weijie Zhang Postdoctoral Associate Principle Investigator at Zhejiang University, China